Welcome to TS Maniam & Associates

TS Maniam & Associates is an Audit Firm, established in the year 1987, with the aim of "Achieving performance excellence". By emphasizing on taking advantage of the options within the legal framework rather than circumventing it, we see ourselves as business advisors, not just as professional accountants. We understand the business and show the righteous approach while minimizing risk, optimizing the resources and attaining progressive growth.

By building effective working relationship with our clients and focusing efforts in setting the control systems, we add value which we believe the clients are entitled to expect from their accountants. A continuous system of training the staff of clients’ as well as ours’ ensures quality of work performed.

Quality, Dedication, Honesty, Respect for clients, Respect for team members and Integrity are our core values.

Our Mission

  • To provide the highest quality of professional services delivered in a timely, efficient and innovative manner by a professional team, educating and enriching, in the process, all the stakeholders concerned.
  • To maintain integrity and honesty in everything we do, committing and prescribing to the ethical standards of our noble profession.
  • To provide for a progressive work environment, conducive for development of academic, career and life goals of our team members, integrating a cultural blend of sincerity, self-learning and accountability.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted and respected professional firm, helping clients take right decisions, enabling and ensuring the business entities to comply with the needs of the legal framework they operate, through caring dedication, creative thinking, teamwork and professional excellence.




Respect for Clients

We treat clients with respect and fairness. We respect and safeguard clients’ information and value the trust they place in us.

Respect for Team Member

We value the talents and contributions of team members and celebrate in their professional and personal triumphs. We treat one another respectfully and fairly in a work environment that is stimulating, challenging and rewarding.


We cherish our stand as a trusted advisor by serving our clients with honesty, transparency and respect and always doing the right thing.