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Special Audits:

Stock Audit

Inventories are the one area which requires vigilant review by the management as misstatement directly affects profits. Availability and usability factors of inventory could jeopardize the purchase/ production plans. Proper recognition of wastage, obsolescence, dormant stock has to be done at the earliest to avoid losses. Periodical stock audit helps to set correct requirement levels, monitor the existence of controls, recognition of obsolescence and review the inventory cycle.

Fixed Assets

The fixed asset accounting records of an organization have more far-reaching effects than they are typically given credit for. The fixed assets can have a significant impact on your financial statements; Reviewing the existence, adequacy and efficiency of comprehensive policies and procedures addressing fixed assets activities; validation of proper segregation of duties, ensuring the implementation of adequate internal controls could be some of the broad objectives of fixed assets audit. Audit protects companies for risk, compliance and reporting.

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