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Management Audits:

Management Audit' is a systematic examination of decisions and actions of the management to analyze the performance. These business check-ups provide timely, critical information to leadership on how the organisation is performing relative to goals and objectives, as well as benchmarking best practices from industry leaders. The objective of a management audit is not to appraise individual executive performance, but to evaluate the management team in relation to their competition.

Production Process

Starting from the Production policy, schedules of production, actual quantity produced at different levels, variances in production schedule, input-output ratios, ideal time,etc investigation is done to cover entire production process from the highest level downward to ascertain whether sound management prevails throughout with core focus on improving managerial efficiency.

Sales and Distribution

Management audit on sales and distribution function helps to assess your capability against trends/ competitors / future plans / product launches etc Right from sales forecasting,the process of managing orders and quotations, distribution organisation of sales department, actual performance, incentiveschemes, promotional offers, etc are scanned for effectiveness and to bring to light the scope for incremental revenue opportunities.

Financial function

Financial structure followed, sources of raising funds, effectiveness of raising finances, extent of working capital needs, financial controls followed, systems of accounting, effectiveness of cost control devices are some of the key functionalities reviewed to measure and benchmark.

Human Resource

Human Resource, an important and sensitive asset of the organisation needs to be utilized appropriately to realize the goals of the organisation. Personnel policy, Organisation structure, method of recruiting and training, cost of man power, promotion policy, appraisal policy, labour welfare activities are part of our assessment to highlight the concerns and prioritize the tasks for excellence.

Purchase & Inventory

While Internal audit focuses on risk assessment, management audit focuses on process improvement, efficiency of purchases and inventory management. Procurement Policies, Methods of purchase, quantities procured, problems on procurement, Vendor performance, inventory security, discount earned, etc, are aspects of our review

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