Our Services

Internal Audits:

"Internal Auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve organisations performance. It helps an organisation accomplish its objectives, by bringing a systematic , disciplined approach to evaluate and improve effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes." – IIA.

Our services are custom built based on the specific requirements of the management and the business environment.


Best suited to the clients where internal audit of financial functions alone need to be looked into. It helps to determine whether the key controls are in place over the financial transactions and the financial reporting system.


Our operational review experts in specific industries like paper, poultry, textilesconduct critical review of operating processes and procedures and internal controls that mitigate area specific risks.


Project audits and development site operational audits can protect your investment and assure quality, help you to foresee cost overruns and delay,provide budget controls and gain regular and up-to-date project status information.

Risk Assessment

We help you achieve an integrated risk control environment by assessing and weighing the probability of risks and their impact on business drivers, defining priorities and actions to mitigate them.

SOP Reviews

Periodical SOP reviews can help to check the quality of compliance of the policies and bridge the gap between manual and practice and wherever necessary bring improvements in processes and controls.

Management Support

When it comes to the choice of in-house or external team for internal audit, we assess the business model and help the client to set up and train an internal team, where an internal team can render much value addition.

Fraud Detection

Protecting your business against fraud can be complex and requires deep expertise. We undertake both reactive and proactive fraud investigations, examine the fraud patterns and assist you in setting up the best combination of tools and processes for prevention.


Our comprehensive, systematic and disciplined enterprise wide approach that yields practical solutions brings you the insight and foresight across your business as a whole. It helps you to integrate compliances, controls and risk management with your mission, vision, values and stakeholder expectations.

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