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Information Systems:

IT Strategy and Performance

In today's increasingly virtualized, integrated and globalized workplace, organisations need to adopt new ways to innovate, allocate resources and reinvent processes leveraging the latest technology and trends. The need to deliver business value through the judicious application of information technology has never been greater. IT strategy, when properly developed, assists in defining how IT generates business value for the organization by linking IT activities and strategies to specific goals and objectives. We can help you assess yourorganization's readiness for an IT Strategy initiative to match IT resources to business needs.

System Selection

The selection of new software can have a great impact on your mission, products or services. In many cases, you may end up having to adjust your business process to match the way the software works. As experienced and independent consultants, we can assist you in understanding and documenting your needs and translating those into a Request for Proposal (RFP) and guide you through the process of evaluating proposals and demos and lead your staff through a fit/gap analysis and investigate total cost of ownership. We can review the technologies, hosting options and fit with your long term IT strategy.

System Implementation

Our System implementation services can help you rapidly achieve the benefits you expect out of an IT system implementation by providing services that cover all phases of implementation. We can help you plan, assess, build, test and certify, deploy and support or even educate your project team

Systems Audit

Through the Systems Audit, we assess the critical systems, technology architecture and processes to assure information assets are protected, reliable, available and compliant with the organisation policies and procedures, as well as applicable laws and regulations. Our approach, an integratedaudit, includes reviews of the business operations and their dependency of automated systems to support the business process. We consider information technology and financial and operational processes as mutually dependent for establishing an effective and efficient control environment. From the technology perspective, the audit focuses on application controls, administration of user access, application change control and backup and recovery to assure reliability, integrity and availability of the data.

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