Our Services

Business Consulting:

Feasibility Study

Our experts will review the project idea, determine the key elements for success, present critical project risks, and evaluate overall feasibility. We strive to provide feasibility studies that provide an independent assessment of the project's chances survive real-life operating situations.This covers the potential trade, operational, financial and environmental (etc.) impact of the proposed project on its' target market, investors, and the general public.A thorough viability analysis, providing adequate and relevant information knocks out the ambiguity in the business concept and provides an early opportunity to the entrepreneur to evaluate his idea and decide to go ahead.

Business Plan

As an entrepreneur, putting your ideas into a well-crafted business plan should be one of the first steps to start your enterprise. Understanding your passion and ingenuity, we do in-depth study to bring out this strategic document for raising capital or for running of your business. We relieve you of your precious time to focus on building your customer base, perfecting your product or services, recruiting key management, sourcing the machinery and other priority tasks. Considering all elements of your business plan, the financial model is also prepared and presented to suit your situation and budget.

Performance Reviews

From a totally objective perspective, our team of professionals can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business and offer recommendations on its strategic fit. Our Performance reviews, backed by the experience in a wide range of industry sectors, can help the organisations to adopt and respond to changes in business dimensions viz., people, processes, technology and the market. On a knowledge sharing and collaborative working approach, we guide clients to design and establish performance management systems. We also help them conduct periodical reviews, which allow any company to identify the right issues that frame the opportunity for improvement, define a company's market position and set compelling and achievable goals.

Mergers and Amalgamations

In us, you can find a trusted advisor on a full range of mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and transaction support services. We have end-to-end capabilities, from initial screening to value acceleration to synergy realization after the acquisition. We provide unmatched expertise throughout the transaction support services life cycle – from initial target acquisition screening and commercial due diligence through post-acquisition integration support.

MIS and BI Designing

A Growing company needs to develop a sound management information system to get the right information to the right people at the required time to assist them in making the right decisions.Today the situation is that of drowning in information and starving for knowledge. Our consulting practice is truly vendor independent and has experience with all these issues and technologies. We can help you to find the right answers to your questions.

Risk Mitigation

Natural and man-made hazards are constant threats to the viability and success of all organisations. By recognizing the impact of these treats and hazards, your organisation can take the first step towards mitigating and eventually eliminating the vulnerabilities that endanger your organization's mission and expose it to unnecessary risk. We view risk mitigation as a business enabler and advocate a strategic approach to risk management and security in order to ensure appropriate protection of a company's tangible and intangible assets. We believe that the measures taken to safeguard against assessed risks must be aligned with the client's overall strategic objectives and business drivers. With wide industry sectors exposure, we are able to assist our clients to identify existing and potential threats, and develop comprehensive solutions for both prevention and response to threats through our risk mitigation consulting services. We aim to add flexibility and resilience to clients' operations, which often reduces operating costs and improves efficiency and quality.

SOP /P & P Manuals

A Policy & Procedures Manual is a written record of the agreed policies and practices of an organisation. It should be readily available to all people involved in the management or work of an organisation. From the level of function, a high level activity of an enterprise, the hierarchy goes down to process and sub process. Business process is the operating guideline designed to achieve a specific business objective. Process flow represents the entire process from start to finish showing inputs, paths, action or decision points, and completion and identifies the logic behind function or task. Unwritten policies and procedures often lead to confusion and conflict. Our specialization in this field, combined with our unbridled passion for developing policies and procedures that transforms organizational performance, continues to make our firm the right choice.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning process, an extremely important executive function, can be used to share the management's vision, define long term and short term goals, set clear measurable milestones, align the efforts of the entire work force and guide decisions and actions. The Strategic Plan, designed for established organizations, will focus on creating vision and identifying key success factors that are critical to long-term success for your organization including penetrating new markets, launching new products or services, increasing market share and allocating capital resources. Regardless of the size of your business: small, mid-size or large, we can provide the type of assistance required to formulate a successful plan. We also ensure that your strategic plan is turned into action with clear plans, accountability, resource allocation and control.

Financial Budgets

"For a small business owner, the process of budgeting is limited to figuring out where to get the funds to meet the next week's payroll. There are so many financial fires to put out in a given week that it's hard to find time to do any meaningful short or long range financial planning. But failing to plan financially might mean that you are unknowingly planning to fail. "
For a medium and large scale business, financial budget acts as a tool to promote organizational accountability and effectiveness. Through this tool, your current performance capabilities in the background of general economic and industrial trends can be reviewed and proactive action to explore and weight the options on hand can be initiated.

Operational Budgets

The operational budgets spanning across the organizational units and functions provide detailed revenue sources, controllable and non-controllable expense line items, bench mark averages and exceptional items. Within any company, competition for resources is inevitable. Every function and business unit needs funding for both capital and operating expenses - usually in excess of the actual resources available. This makes it critically important for companies to design procedures so that resources are allocated to support key strategies. Fortunately, following certain best practices leads to better results. One such practice is coordinating the review of operating and capital budgets, where our specific domain industrial expertise helps your team to bring out realistic and validated outcome.

Operations Consulting

In operational strategy consulting, instead of recommending changes, implementing changes is the core focus. In operational strategy consulting we would actually help them make the change, implement it for different customers and geographies, and assess what impact the change has made and what to do differently. We focus less on strategy and more on doing the work, speaking with vendors and customers to make the changes, and so on. Our core business is to help our clients lead major change projects by working on the full change lifecycle, from strategy to implementation.